About Us

Our History

When a child is born, happiness enters the heart of the parents, but when a child becomes educated and gets appreciated for his talent and is considered worth being a company to oneself and the society. This is the moment when a parent really feels hope and happiness and fulfillment all bundled together in one single package. This transition from being an instrument of happiness to a mountain of hope does not just happen on it's own. In slow fruitful phases a teacher not just one but many , perform the art of shaping young minds.

The wonderful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you. We at Alpha English Higher Secondary School have had the pleasure of shaping young minds .Our teachers have been highly instrumental in this joyful journey. Out of our chairman Mr.V. Bashingam's desire to give flourishing future to the young talented minds ,ALPHA was born . He has created many professionals in his 35 years of uninterrupted service to mankind through education.

Our society today has taken huge transition from a very conservative and protective environment to an open westernized environment . The only hope in this situation for our children to go through their childhood and adolescence in the right path are teachers. Teachers have the onus of not only giving good education to the younger generation but also imparting values for good living.

In this age of disappearing natural resources due to the unmindful activity of the mankind .Teachers also carry the responsibility along with the parents to infuse and educate the young minds about the importance of mother earth and her valuable resources.

“The human will, that force unseen, The offspring of a deathless soul, Can hew a way to any goal, Though walls of granite intervene”

ALPHA ENGLISH HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL was started in the year 1998. It was upgraded as higher secondary school in the year 2011. For the past 7 years we have been producing 100% result with distinction in SSLC and for the past 2 years we have been producing 100% results ith First class and distinction in HSC.

Mrs. B. Dhanalathoumy Bashingham

Mrs. B. Dhanalathoumy Bashingham, daughter of Mr. I. Dhanaboopathi, a great educationist with 50 years of experience in imparting knowledge. She followed her father’s footsteps and started her journey as a teacher in villianur Pengal Arasenar Nedunilai palli after 30 years of service ,decided to start a own school of her dreams in 1998, thereon there was no looking back.

Dr. B. Naveen Thiyagou, son of Mr.v. Bashingam continued in the footsteps of his father when he became the Director of ALPHA ENGLISH HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL in the year 1998. Under his guidance, the institution aimed to transform individual students into a complete personality with character and ability. Giving them opportunity out perform as an individual.

Dr. B. Naveen Thiyagou ‘s vision to give children a well- rounded education and an enriching experience led to the establishment of ALPHA ENGLISH HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL STARTED IN 1998. Aims to provide the right environment to students who can give wings to their potential and achieve success in the outside world.

Dr. B. Naveen Thiyagou
“The more tranquil we become, the greater is our success, our influence, our power of good”

Our Mission

To bring about social transformation by imparting quality education and produce individual with good self control and calm.

Our Vision

Our vision is to encourage real talent by providing the right ambience and environment and to ignite creative minds by providing support for innovation and research.