Rules & Regulations

The school rules have been established in partnership with the community over a long period of time. They reflect the school community’s expectations in terms of acceptable standards of behaviour, dress and personal presentation in the widest sense. Students are expected to follow the school rules at all times when on the school grounds or when clearly associated with the school i.e. when wearing school uniform.

Dress code

Clean and proper school uniform, well stitched , well pressed , tucked up, well toned up with ID card, must be maintained. Hair Dressing

All the boys must have their hair trimmed regularly and girls should have their hair done in a neat undisturbing fasion. Hair must be oiled neatly and well combed.


Fingers and toes should be very clean with all nails well cut. Girls should not wear bangles or any golden ornaments. A small ear ring may be allowed.

Classroom Discipline

In the absence of the class Teacher, the students must maintain discipline . Classroom must be maintained with the essential charts and no waste papers or other wastage should be seen inside the classroom.

If any student causes damage to any kind of school property, action will be taken on the student immediately. Also the loss will be compensated then and there. The classroom records must be covered neatly. Each and every exercise must be signed duly by the parents. The parent and teachers should be in good communication and take part in child’s development. School diary is the most important instrument of communication between teacher and the parent and hence must be checked by the parent everyday. Group leaders and class leaders are responsible for the class room records and all school records.

School Discipline

Our students are advised to develop self responsibility and good behavior. We also expect students to converse in English inside the school premises to improve spoken language.


In weekly test, the overall performance of the students in each subject will be received and a report is sent to the parents. Only the parents should receive the answer papers and after clarifying their children‘s performance, they have to sign and return to the class teacher.

Progress Report

Progress report will be issued to the parents in person at our school and it must be submitted to the school after signing on the very next day without fail.


The monthly van fees for our school van must be paid on or before the 6th day of every month. The van student must come in time for van to their specified place at specified time. Their names will be entered in van attendance regularly.

While getting in and getting down from the van, students must maintain silence and discipline they must keep their head and hands inside the vehicle. They must keep quite and sit in their allotted place and must not disturb other students/public and the driver.

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